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Content Is King:

When the owner of any website wants to achieve a good page rank, they should ensure that the right keywords are present on the site, the right kind of links are present on the website and that the right words are also made use of in these links. The content which you present on the website should also be updated on a regular basis.

The text on the page should contain the keywords right at the beginning of the page. There are other great tips for higher page rank which we will assist you with when you hire | Albuquerque Web Design.

Create Unique Content on Each of Your Pages:

Interesting, unique content tells Google a page is valuable, and helps it rank higher. Well-written content can also persuade more of your visitors to actually pull out their credit cards.

Back Links:

Also known as” Inbound Links” are links from other websites to your site. Usually because your information is relevant to what they are needing/discussing. Sources like Facebook, Blogs & other social sites are great. If you’re an expert in your field, or simply have a great price on a cool product, you’ll get Back Links!

Organic vs. Pay Per Click:

There are two different kinds of search results: Organic are those, which over time rank your site higher due to proper SEO techniques. Pay per Click are paid advertisements that you set a daily / monthly budget for. We help you choose proper key words and strategically tweak your ads to get results.

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