The Basics

Here are a few guidelines you should follow. These tips will provide you with how to develop and maintain an admirable web site.

Navigation:  Good navigation is essential to a good website. A straightforward and logical navigation system will help users keep control and enjoy surfing through your site. Your Navigation Bar should be placed at the same location on each webpage.

Consistency: between colors, page layout, structure, icons, fonts, pictures and text will give your website a professional look and feel and will put your visitor in a more comfortable atmosphere to navigate your site.

Content is King: Good content, is very important. A site with informative, detailed and original content will help your visitors want to return and will also aid your search engine rankings. If your website is one that sells products or services, having well structured, informative information will definitely be useful. Because content is so important, updating that information regularly is a good idea.

Contact Us Link:  A visible and easy to find Contact Us link is mandatory. Visitors should be able to ask questions or to ask for more information about your website. When designing the Contact form or any other form on your site, keep it as short as possible. People become frustrated by lengthy forms with buttons and other mandatory fields.

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